The wedding of Ning Ning Surasiang, 32, and Mark Scrivens, 41, wasn’t the best on Married At First Sight and now their honeymoon isn’t going great either.

On Thursday night’s episode, the pair shared a kiss in the pool, before Ning snapped and said ‘no more’ and kicked water in her humiliated groom’s face.

The pair were enjoying their honeymoon at a Thailand resort but were failing to bond, when Ning decided she should give her new husband a kiss.

‘I thought just let my guard down and let it happen,’ she said to the camera, after admitting she tends to build up walls. 

‘This is quite romantic, isn’t it? Just you and me,’Mark said as they pair swam together, but Ning just rolled her eyes. 

She still went for a kiss, saying ‘I just thought to give it a go, and maybe there will be butterflies, maybe there will be something. Like a connection or a spark.’

Mark seemed to be happy, saying ‘yay’ after the kiss finished but Ming stormed off, saying  ‘Don’t say yay’. 


She swam backwards, fuming, and snapped again: ‘No more kissing Mark’ before lifting her leg and kicking water in his face. 

The hairdresser admitted to the camera afterwards: ‘I didn’t enjoy the kiss very much’.  Married At First Sight continues Sunday night on Channel 9.

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