Last night Married At First Sight viewers were left FUMING after watching Jessika Power’s brazen behaviour and flirtatious actions towards two married men at the dinner party.

Jess decided that she couldn’t see a future with her onscreen hubby Mick and so she decided to try her luck with some of the other husbands on the show.

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First, she took Cyrell’s husband Nick aside to tell him she had developed feelings for him but he shut her down immediately saying he didn’t feel comfortable because they’re both meant to be married.

Speaking with Talking Married after the show last night, Jessika said that she felt Nic had lead her on and her actions were taken out of context.


“The thing with Nic, throughout the experiment we were really close, we would have flirty banter, it was childish,” Jess said.

“It’s been really misconstrued,” she added. “Nic gave me a different idea than he gives the viewers. “I wish I didn’t drag Nic out of a dinner party because it’s not been blown up to look like I wanted to be with him, or I like him…There’s no way in the normal world I would be like that.”

After her rejection from Nic, Jessika then made her move on intruder Dan. Her behvaiour here was even more shocking as she began to flirt with him openly in front of not only the other contestants but her own husband Mick and Dan’s wife Tamara.

“When Dan and I started talking, we had a connection straight away,” Jessika also said on Talking Married last night. “If I had a checklist and I handed it to the experts…he would be ticking every single box… I wouldn’t take back my connection with Dan.”

But Tamara didn’t think this was any excuse for Jessika’s seductive behaviour (and yep we agree girl). Tamara also appeared on Talking Married following the scandalous episode and she revealed exactly what she though about Jess’ behaviour.


After being asked what she thought about the whole thing, Tamara replied with one word.

“Trash”, she said.

“If he ticks all your boxes, that’s great. But he’s my husband, so maybe give me a minute and see whether me or my husband are going to work out in this experiment before you try to mark your territory, or whatever you’re trying to do,” she added.

Tamara also admitted that when she entered the experiment, she had no idea that it would be such a competitive environment. She expected it to be much more supportive.

“I fully expected to go in there and for everybody to be happy,” she laughed. “I guess I was super oblivious to it all.”

Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7PM on Channel Nine.

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