Married At First Sight intruder Susie Bradley’s wedding day with Billy Vincent is barely cold but she’s already been caught out with another man!

And yep, you’ll recognise him!

While she’s currently in an onscreen marriage with Billy, Suzie has been caught on camera kissing disgraced NRL player Todd Carney out the front of a hotel in Brisbane.

The pair were spotted locking lips the morning after Valentine’s Day at the Stamford Plaza hotel after grabbing a coffee together. (Don’t you know where that mouth has been Suzie?!)

Susie had been seen carrying a large suitcase and two bags before spending the night at the hotel.

You can see the photos here. 


The reality star posted to Instagram the night before to display just how romantic her Valentine’s Day had been as she posed in an image with a dozen roses and a teddy bear.

“Feeling so lucky,” she wrote in the caption.

Susie also appeared to enjoy a romantic treat with two bottles of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries displayed in another snap.

She made no mention of who she had spent the romantic night with in the posts.

Disgraced NRL star Todd Carney made headlines back in 2014 after the “bubbler scandal” which saw the footy player trying to urinate into his own mouth.


Susie is currently a contestant on the Married At First Sight experiment. Her wedding with fellow intruder Billy took place on Monday night and she is set to meet the other contestants at tonight’s dinner party. 

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