We’ve already seen rumours causing fights this season on Married At First Sight Australia, but now it seems that they’re going as far as to lead to contestants to get physical with one another!

While this season has seen nothing but drama, it looks like tonight’s episode is going to take things to a whole new level. That is if the 30 second promo that we got at the end of last night’s episode it anything to go by.

The short teaser shows producers forced to intervene and pull two of the brides, Cyrell and Martha, apart during a physical confrontation.

Judging by the voiceover in the promo, the violent turn is caused by another rumour, this time about Cyrell’s onscreen husband, Nic.


“Another rumour, but I’m involved this time,” Nic is heard saying.

The footage then shows Cyrell entering Martha and Michael’s apartment.


“I genuinely don’t like you,” Cyrell says to Martha, who was sitting on her lounge in a dressing gown and face mask.

Both women then stand up and Cyrell grabs onto the front of Martha’s robs and tugs pretty aggressively before a male crew member is seen on camera intervening and pulling the girls apart.

“Get out of here. Have some respect,” Martha’s husband Michael is heard saying as Cyrell is escorted out.

We then jump to a counselling session between Nic and Cyrell with expert John Aiken.


“You can disagree with people but you cannot get that aggressive,” John says.

But this emergency session doesn’t appear to sort out the divide that has been created in this marriage. Cyrell is seen packing her bags before storming out of their apartment and by the looks of things, leaving the show for good.

“Don’t ever sit there and say you’ve got my back. You’ve never had my back,” Cyrell shouts at Nic.

“So you’re packing up now because of someone else?” Nic asks.

It’s not clear what exactly the rumour is but the evidence would point to the fact that there is some sort of talk about something happening between Martha and Nic.

Which if true, is SERIOUSLY unexpected! We’ve barely seen these two look at each other all season.


Speaking with TV Week about the incident, Martha said that she was so shocked by Cyrell’s behaviour.

“She was like a wild animal,” Martha said.

“I’d never encountered someone so aggressive in my like. The look on her face was so intense. She really wanted to get to me.”

We’ll definitely be tuning in tonight to find out what happens! Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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