He signed up for Married At First Sight claiming to be unlucky in love, but it appears Bronson had no trouble getting women’s attention. 

The ex-stripper’s former flame has come forward to reveal the “narcissistic” ways that Bronson manipulated her in their relationship.

Vanessa (or Vaness, for short) recalled a particularly bizarre moment where she took Bronson out for dinner. 

“We go to dinner and we’re at the table. He points to a group of blonde women, and says ‘you see that table over there?’… I’d f*** every single one them,” she reveals in a YouTube video.

“He went on to speak quite disgustingly about these women, and then he went on to tell me that he was seeing six women while he was getting to know me… he said ‘that’s what I usually do when I’m single – start dating six girls and the last one standing is who I date’.

“He said ‘congratulations Ness, you’re the last one standing'”

Even more shocking is that Bronson regularly referred to Vanessa as a c***.


“Behind the scenes… he keeps digging at you. It’s like talking to a brick wall. 

“Ines’ reaction is how I used to react to Bronson because he fires you up. Something in your soul just burns at this guy.”

Vanessa makes it clear that she isn’t the only one who disapproves of Bronson’s behaviour. 

“His family… are really beautiful, really nice natured, really lovely. I was like how the hell did you get a son like this?” she questions.

“His dad actually said to me ‘Everything Bronson touches turns to sh*t'”

If you think the controversy ends there, then think again. This is only the beginning! Watch the explosive videos below.


Rumours have also surfaced that Vanessa is one of the upcoming intruders on the show. We wonder if she’ll mention Bronson!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine

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