The fame from reality TV is rather fleeting and so often we find the stars trying their best to keep the celebrity ball rolling for as long as possible. But no one does this more so than Nasser from the last season of Married At First Sight.

Is Nasser From Married At First Sight Releasing A Song?

While we’ve seen him appear on Kyle Sandilands’ pilot TV show ‘Trial By Kyle’, heard it rumoured that he’ll be appearing on the next season of ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get me Out Of Here!’, heck he’s even allegedly set up paparazzi shots, Nasser’s latest endeavour is his craziest one yet.

According to the reality TV personality’s latest Instagram post, Nasser will be releasing a debut single! And it’s reported to be all about that infamous Blue Tick debacle on Instagram.

In the announcement photo, Nasser is pictured wearing big sunglasses, gold chains and a bomber jacket without a shirt underneath, so we can only assume it’s going to be some sort of hip hop/rap track (oh lord…).


In the caption he wrote, “Nasser debut single coming soon”, along with the hashtag “#disstrack” making us think that he’s definitely going to be rapping about his bad blood with someone, namely the peeps at Instagram who have stopped him from becoming certified on the platform.

ICYMI, Nasser has been fighting for a long time to get the highly coveted ‘Blue Tick’ added to his Instagram account, signifying that he is some sort of celebrity or personality.

So far he has been denied the verification by the social media company, despite the fact that other MAFS contestants have been given the blue tick.

But we guess that Nasser is now hoping that this debut track, which is reportedly titled ’Blue Tick’, will help gain him the verification that he so deeply desires.


The song is reportedly going to be released tomorrow! So stay tuned for a snippet. We have no doubt it’ll be as cringe as that outfit is in the announcement pic.