The resident hot-head from Married At First Sight’s last season, Nasser Sultan, has found himself in hot water once again. Not with Instagram, or fans of the show, but this time around with one of the other contestants from his season.

And it’s all to do with that seriously horrific rap song he released to all of our dismay earlier this month. (In good news to anyone with ears, it’s since been deleted from his Instagram account)

Married At First Sight Contestant Tracey Jewel Allegedly In Feud With Nasser Sultan Over His Rap Song

Back on October 10, Nasser debuted his fresh sound in the diss track named ‘Blue Tick’ as part of his fight to land himself the highly coveted certification on his Instagram account.

When hearing the song, it’s hard to go past the T-Pain style autotune mess that’s played against the backing track of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s ‘Young Blood’.

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Nasser debut single coming soon. #disstrack

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But if you actually manage to listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear Nasser taking major stabs at his MAFS cast mates, saying that they don’t deserve Blue Ticks on their Insta accounts (but he apparently does because he’s defs a celeb).

One in particular is Tracey Jewel, who according to Woman’s Day, is “demanding an apology” from Nass after he dissed her in his debut single.

In fact, according to the magazine, Tracey is considering legal action against Nasser over her mention in the song and is asking the 51-year-old to stop speaking about her publicly.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Tracey made similar legal threats towards Nasser earlier this year after he mocked her writing skills in one of her books.


In July, Nasser posted a video of himself reading a sentence from Tracey’s book ‘Don’t Mess With The Goddess’ to his dog before asking, “Can you explain [this] to me?”.

The publication states that Tracey sent Nasser an email threatening him with legal action because his social media post caused her “emotional distress”.

Daily Mail Australia have since approached Tracey for comment on Tuesday and she claimed that she “hasn’t spoken to Nasser for months and wasn’t aware of his rap”.

So who knows really if the threat of legal action is legit but we think we can all admit that Nasser’s song isn’t doing any good for anyone…