Photo: Getty Images

We’ve all heard that Mariah Carey is known to be a bit of a diva, but this is next level!

A source has told the New York Post that she entered the fine dining restaurant in Capri, Italy on a quiet Sunday night at 11pm… to her own entrance song! And what’s worse – it was a Mariah song!

She dined at the establishment with her fiancé, James Packer, and a group of 10 or so people.

But the Mariah hits didn’t stop at the entrance, apparently they played all night. At one point, when someone at her table shouted, “Hey, let’s put on something more upbeat,” the staff played her hit ‘Fantasy,’ and everyone went crazy.

Now if that isn’t next level diva, we don’t know what is! Buy hey, it’s Mariah, and we still totally love her.


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