When you think of Australian Idol you must think of Marcia Hines.

The incredible singer was one of the first judges on our Aussie version of the talent show and stayed with the show until it ended in season seven back in 2009.

So there really isn’t any better person to ask about the possibility of an Australian Idol reboot than Marcia.

She joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show in studio this morning when Jackie decided to find out if it could come back or not. After all, singing and talent competition shows are very popular at the moment!

“Do you think they would bring back Idol again?” Jackie asked Marcia. “Because obviously The Voice is so massive now, is there room for another one?”

Marcia didn’t seem too certain about that but she did tell us that the American version of the show is going to start airing again here Down Under very soon!

“I just saw an ad on television and they’re bringing back American Idol on Australian television,” Marcia revealed.


“I don’t know, maybe it’s done it’s run. I don’t know. But we’re pretty spesh [special]. What we did is pretty special.”

“Well the difference is you guys produced some amazing artists,” Jackie added.

“Amen Jackie,” said Marcia.

So if Australian Idol is in the works to come back, Marcia certainly doesn’t know about it just yet. But speaking of some of the big artists that they did produce, Marcia went on to speak about Guy Sebastian.

Guy was the winner of the first ever season of Australian Idol, taking out the title over Shannon Noll, which actually shocked a lot of fans.

But Marcia told us that she knew from the get go that Guy had that seasoning the bag and that he was going to win.


“You know, I knew he was going to win,” Marcia told us.

“You knew?” Kyle asked.

“Oh hell yeah! I’d never heard a singer with that vocality,” she said. “That strange looking dude with the afro, with the winning smile, but with the voice from hell. I’ve not heard anybody sing like that before and I just thought, ‘This guy’s gonna win’.”

And well, look at Guy now! He’s still got an unbelievable voice like no other, he’s constantly releasing songs that we’re obsessed with and he’s currently a coach himself on a singing show, The Voice!

Looks like Marcia certainly knows a star when she sees one.

Hear more from our chat with Marcia Hines in the podcast below!