No one likes to be stood up, especially when you’ve gone to the effort to get dressed and leave home.

But this guy has taken things to the next level.

After travelling from Denmark to China, Sander Cirk (who is also being called Alexander Pieter Cirk) found himself lonely in love waiting for his online girlfriend to show.

But it seems the Dutchman has far greater stamina than the rest of us.

You see the 41-year-old persisted with his optimism, waiting 10 days for his lost love to show.

In the end Cirk, who has diabetes and kidney problems, was hospitalised for exhaustion.


Subsisting on a diet of instant noodles, the charity shop worker didn’t have enough money to pay for a hotel.

His online love, 26-year-old Liu Fang claims she thought Cirk was joking when he said he was coming to visit.

Going by the name Beautiful Alice on the website Asian Beauties, she says she missed his calls when he arrived in China as she was undergoing cosmetic surgery and her phone was turned off.

According to the Mirror, Cirk became aggressive at the suggestion Beautiful Alice may not be real.

His mother has expressed concerns for her son, revealing she had to cut off the internet at home as he was running up large bills online.


Despite the ordeal, Cirk and Liu are both optimistic about the future.

“I am convinced she is serious. I really want to take her back to the Netherlands with me.”

Do you think it will be happily ever after?

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