Despite making his living by eating some truly monstrous portions of burgers, pizza and more, Adam Richman is now living on a vegan diet.

The Man V Food star, who made a name for himself gorging on giant meat-stuffed sandwiches and mountains of ice cream in the name of food challenges, has given up on animal products for the most part.

Richman told The Independent, “I’ve been vegan for the past three months or so, because I’m training for football right now… And for Soccer Aid I went 100 per cent vegan.”

But he has clarified that the change isn’t permanent, as he will “absolutely” have a steak when he feels like it – but it’s just about “picking and choosing” and making his meat-eating count when he does do it.

Veganism is something Richman does “periodically”, so to call him a vegan would probably not be all too accurate – but it’s certainly a big change from what he used to do!


The TV star is launching a new show, Man Finds Food.

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