Get the tissues ready…

An elderly man surprised his wife on their anniversary day by showing up at her hospital bedside wearing a tuxedo and carrying flowers and chocolate.

Jim Russell came to his wife Elinor’s bedside for their 57th anniversary, delivering the beautiful surprise.

The adorable lovebirds have known each other since they were young, growing up near each other in Georgia and connecting romantically when they were older.

Jim and Elinor eloped on a “dark, stormy day” in 1958 and have been together ever since.

For the last month, Elinor has been in hospital, so Jim and their children cooked up the surprise for her.


Their granddaughters did Elinor’s makeup for the special occasion, and the couple dined together in the hospital room, watched their favourite TV shows and had a “wonderful time sitting here and talking”.

Elinor said the celebrations made her “smile like the younger days when we were dancing”.

Ain’t love grand?

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