As Sam Cookney gets up each morning, he doesn’t simply pull on his clothes and head to the station, oh no – he heads straight to the airport, every single morning.

You see, in 2013 Cookney realised that he just could not afford to rent a place in the city on his own – and joked that it would be cheaper for him to live in Barcelona and fly to London each morning – so he did it.

Cookney now lives in the centre of Barcelona and catches a cheap flight to London’s Stansted Airport each morning, reaching his desk by 9:30am.


The best bit? Sam is actually SAVING money!

Yep, the social media manager did the sums and is actually putting more money in the bank than when he lived in central London.

“I think many people thought I was joking when I boldly declared it would be cheaper for me to rent a two-bed flat in Barcelona and commute to London every day than get a one-bed flat here,” he wrote on his blog. “Turns out I was — I could in fact get a three-bed flat,” he said.

So, let’s do the math; here is what Cookney paid to get to work when living in London:

– around $3195 a month
– council tax of around $160 a month
– a $250 travel card to get him into work

That makes his total expenses $3602.


Now, according to a report on the, Cookney pays just $1300 a month including bills to live in a beautiful, newly renovated two-bed apartment with a roof terrace in the Gothic Quarter. With Ryanair flights costing as little as $50 return, he loves that he can live far more cheaply in sunny Spain – and he’s almost halved his living costs.

Luckily, Sam is able to work from home on occasion, but even travelling to the office four days a week would come to just $1424 a month. Add that to his rent, and his total is just $2724 a month — an impressive $878 less than he was paying in London.


His commute takes five-and-a-half hours door-to-door, but the 32-year-old says he’s able to nap on the flight. He also said that he was “surprised by just how seamless and easy” the journey was, and that he had spotted familiar faces on his flights, which makes him think that others have the same idea.


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