Some people might say that after a certain amount of time has passed after a break up that it’s time to move on. But according to Erik, it’s never too late to give true love a chance. And he’s proved as much by signing himself up for a new reality show heading to Channel 7 called Back With The Ex to try and get back together with his ex-girlfriend Lauren.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Erik told the guys that he and his girlfriend hadn’t been together for a while, but he was determined to give it one last try. So how long is a while? Apparently six and a half years!

“How long had you not been with her?” asked Kyle.

“About the same time as we actually spent with each other, which is about six and a half years,” replied Erik.

But even after such a long period of time, when Erik heard about the show Back With The Ex he decided to sign himself up and work towards another shot with Lauren. But when we heard why the long-term couple broke up in the first place, well it kinda seemed that there would be no way they would be able to reconcile.

Apparently, things started turning ugly after Erik gave Lauren $10,000 to spend on breast augmentation surgery for her BIRTHDAY! Just incase you hadn’t worked it out already Erik, unless your girl actually asks for a boob job, giving her one is definitely a slap in the face!

“It was actually for her birthday,” explained Erik. “It was a choose your own adventure birthday.” Except Erik hadn’t even discussed it with Lauren before going ahead with the gift.


“We jokingly had it (the conversation) over our relationship but I think she fixated on that negative side of things,” he continued.

Yep apparently Lauren was so offended that she actually ended up breaking up with Erik over the whole ordeal.

“Was that the soul reason for her breaking up with you or were there other things?” asked Jackie.

“No I’d say that would’ve contributed quite a lot to it but then there was the standard relationship sort of issues.”

And now six and a half years on, Erik and Lauren are going to attempt to make things work on reality TV. Just a piece of advice Erik, don’t buy her anymore plastic surgery without getting her ok on it first…

You can watch how things pan out between them and three other couples on Back With The Ex when it premieres on Channel 7 on April 18.

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