Public transport can be a nightmare at the best of times, but one man’s train journey was made even more terrifying when a stranger accidentally fell asleep on him.

Euan McMillan, from Bathgate, Scotland, had a woman nod off on his shoulder on the Glasgow subway.

But while most passengers would be extremely irritated, Euan made light of the awkward situation, and not only snapped two selfies as she fell from his shoulder to his chest, but then shared the images on Twitter.

“Somebody want to collect there maw [sic]? Been sleeping on me for 15 mins on the Subway,” he captioned the hilarious snaps which have since gone viral.

He later Tweeted: “I couldn’t believe it, she was about 45. Her pals were just allowing it as if it was normal. I never said a thing.”


We’re just hoping someone was kind enough to wake the woman up before her stop.

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