Musicians are known for their eccentric and crazy behaviour, but this guitarist is taking it to a whole new level! 

Scott Burford will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Guitar Playing Marathon” by strumming for a whopping 125 hours. 

“Going without sleep for four days will be a challenge. I practiced up to 16 hours a day at University and played an eight hour professional gig,” the Sydney musician said. “I think the biggest challenge will be in my mind.” 

Burford will be playing for a good cause though. The world record attempt will be doubling as a fundraising event where he aims to raise money for Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD), a charity supporting disadvantaged youth. 

“Music, in particular the guitar, has been incredibly important to me throughout my life and helped me get through some very lonely and challenging times. MMAD supports kids to use music and creative expression to get to where they need to be in their lives. It is just such a great cause.” 

The aspiring world record holder hopes to raise $12,000 to fund 10 free guitars and over 100 free lessons and mentoring classes across Australia for young people whose circumstances means they could never afford a lesson.


We can all agree that 125 hours is a long time, so what’s his strategy?

“I will try and ‘bank’ as much time as possible so that later in the week I might be able to sleep for 90 minutes and recharge my energy.” 

The current official record is 114 hours and 6 minutes, set by Dublin musician Dave Browne in 2011. In the past month, however, Canadian guitarist ‘Spirit’, played for 124 hours and 30 minutes in an unverified record attempt, raising money for the Canadian Cancer Council. 

Scott Burford’s world record attempt will be starting on Sunday July 15.
More information can be found here.

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