This might be the most strange, but also potentially valid, reason a person has been fired from their job… Letting off gas that was just too smelly for his workplace, food worker, Rich Clem, was let go when he let go.

According to UniLad, his wife has confirmed that her husband was let go from Case Pork Roll Co, a meat wholesaler, when he let off ‘pungent flatulence’ that was bad visitors had complained, causing president of the company, Thomas Dolan, to make a formal complaint himself.

Feeling that this is not a legal reason to fire someone (he could be setting a precedent), the Clems are filing an unfair dismissal lawsuit against Case Pork Roll Co stating he had been harassed and given marching orders after he permeated the workplace in what could be the most epic crop dust ever.

Clem had apparently undergone gastric bypass surgery, causing his flatulence to be more pungent than normal.

According to UniLad, Dolan complained, ‘We have to do something about Rich, this can’t go on. We can’t run an office and have visitor with the odour in the office. Tell Rich we’re getting complaints from visitors who have problems with the odours.’

The company, however, have since denied firing Clem, stating that he left of his own accord… maybe from all the stink eye?


Source: UniLad

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