Everyone has their fears, whether it’s heights, enclosed spaces, or a certain type of animal. And there’s no doubt that if we were forced to come face to face with that fear that we’d all be feeing a little bit anxious or wobbly at the knees.

But this one guy’s reaction when he thought that his worst nightmare, a snake, had gotten lose inside his house, was absolutely next level.

Bill has a severe phobia of snakes and so when his girlfriend Natalie decided to purchase one as a pet and bring it over to his house his immediate reaction was to tell her to return the damn thing.

But instead he later received a call from his beloved girlfriend to say that before she could return it, the snake had managed to get lose and now it was hiding somewhere in his house!

What Bill didn’t know was that this was actually an ‘Only Lying’ prank call organised by Kyle and Jackie O, that sees people try to get the most over the top reaction possible from their loved ones by telling them a lie that will get them fired up.


And oh boy did Bill get fired up during this call! Let’s just say that if we were Natalie we’d be returning that snake to the pet shop REAAAAAL fast!

Hear Bill’s HILARIOUS reaction to his girlfriend’s lie in the video above!

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