Wednesday started out like a normal day for Stevie Wilcock.

The 22 year old was working on a building site close to a petrol station in Chester, England when he decided he needed a coffee.

So he popped to the petrol station and was waiting to use the machine when he heard a woman talking to another man describing how she had lied to her partner about being at meetings all day.

The two then laughed loudly and began discussing a hotel.

This was all too much for Stevie and he took to Facebook to try and warn the woman’s partner who he had overheard being called Dave, “David. If your Girlfriend/wife is mid 40’s, went to work this morning wearing a black skirt, black tights and a light blue shirt. She told you she was in a meeting all day with work.

“She isn’t, she’s currently stood in front of me at the Costa Coffee machine in Chester Shell garage, telling another man this whole story whist they’re laughing about it. Oh she also drives a black Ford Fiesta with the Reg ******. Pack your stuff and get yourself gone Dave.” 



The post has been shared 19,000 times and Stevie has appeared on radio shows all over the world since his warning went viral.

However the mysterious David has yet to be tracked down, although seems how Stevie posted the registration plate we have a feeling it won’t be long until he is.

Source The Sun

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