We’ll admit that there’s probably not many people out there who enjoy cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that we should just expect other people to do it for us!

Well that is unless you’re this one guy who reckons he’s so entitled that he reckons his girlfriend must be willing to clean up after him. In fact, if she doesn’t, it appears to be one of his deal-breakers!

Executive Producer Bruno introduced Kyle and Jackie O to a rapper over in South Africa named The Live Man who is copping some serious heat on social media after he bragged about a test that he gave to his new girlfriend.

“What he did is that he made his kitchen look like an absolute pig stye, deliberately,” explained Bruno. “There was stuff everywhere, and he invited the girlfriend over to see if, and this is according to him, she would do the right thing, and do his dishes for him.”

Anyone else’s blood boiling right about now? Well apparently this man’s blood was boiling too when he realised his new partner wasn’t going to clean up after him. This is what he said in a tweet about the test.


“I invited my girlfriend for the first time ever and I was extremely disappointed to be honest. She came this morning, left without even washing dishes, let alone some cleaning. I thought this was actual wife material but she entirely failed this girlfriending test.”

We don’t even know what to say! Luckily the woman at the centre of the “girlfriending test” did and we are seriously in support of her! See what happened when she found out about his plan in the video above.

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