A Vietnamese man is being investigated after he allegedly CHOPPED OFF the penis of the man his wife was sleeping with.

Nguyen Van Huan, 29, suspected that his wife had been cheating on him, and followed her to a hotel where he found her with her unnamed 32-year-old lover.

It was then that he attacked the man, slicing at his genitalia and fleeing with it; the victim’s appendage was discovered two hours later some 200 metres from the hotel, after Huan was convinced to give up its whereabouts by the other man’s family.

While surgeons at Bac Giang General Hospital have performed penis reattachment surgery, they said it will be touch and go as to whether they have been successful.

“The patient’s condition is stable, but it will take some days to learn if the function returns to the victim’s genitalia,” Dr Nguyen Van Dong said after the procedure, which took half a day to complete. 

Huan faces charges of “deliberately inflicting injuries”. 


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