This morning Kyle and Jackie O spoke to a man called *Nathan.

Nathan had a dilemma he felt only a ‘group therapy’ call could help.

Basically, he had accidentally witnessed his best mate’s wife, naked, in a room with his best mate’s brother.

Basically, the wife was naked with her brother-in-law, who was also naked.

His dilemma was, whether or not to tell his best mate, as he was fearful he would be ruining a relationship – and a family.

The wife, has also try to pay Nathan off, in a bid to stop him revealing what he’d seen to her husband. So he sought the help of the people to decide what he should do.

Kyle and Jackie O were both a little on the fence with this one, discussing that perhaps he should stay out of it, and let it be their issue.


There was also the fact that Nathan had known about this for a few weeks and said nothing; would his friend forgive him for keeping it to himself for so long?

Then they discussed him coming clean, being a good friend, as his wife and brother had been so deceitful.

Well, a whopping 75 per cent of callers agreed that he should come clean, we’ll keep you guys posted…

What do you think Nathan should do?

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