A man has astonished doctors by WALKING into the emergency department of a US hospital with a slightly swollen, cut eye – and a 9 cm bamboo chopstick LODGED in his brain.

The 23-year-old had, according to The Sun, gotten into a fight with his brother while they were eating out at a Chinese restaurant in Arizona; after the patient grabbed his sibling from behind, the other man thrust the sharp stick over his right shoulder.

Incredibly, the man never lost consciousness and, apart from his swollen eye, showed no other sign of injury.

However, after examination, doctors discovered that the chopstick had travelled 9 cm into the man’s brain, penetrating his eye socket and snapping off inside his skull.

Dr Mark Pruel, one of the neurosurgeons who treated the man, said that the outcome could have been very, very different.


“This object became directed and inserted into the patient’s brainstem and into the central cerebellum,” he explained.

“These are delicate parts of the brain that control automatic functions of the body.”

We might stick to forks from now on…

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