A parody video has gone viral showing male athletes being asked the same questions that female athletes are asked, and their reactions are pretty hilarious.

It’s all in good fun to prove the point that female sports stars should be awarded the same respect as male sports stars.

The campaign is called Cover The Athlete and on their website they explain:

“Something’s wrong with media coverage of female athletes.

“Sexist commentary, inappropriate interview questions, and articles focused on physical appearance not only trivializes a woman’s accomplishments, but also sends a message that her value is based on her looks, not her ability. And it’s much too commonplace.”

The Toronto team behind the campaign also writes that the male athletes weren’t actually asked the questions in the video.


Their responses were edited together from other interviews “to show how ridiculous it is that female athletes are asked these questions.”

At the Australian Open, Channel 7 asked Canadian Tennis star and World Number 7 Eugenie Bouchard: “Give us a twirl! Tell us about your outfit”.

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