Will & Woody gave you their word, and promised to make a ‘genuine attempt’ at driving you home on your radios.And on their debut show, they really gave it a crack.

They only made 8 stuff ups. And whilst that’s not ideal, they did enough to earn themselves another show tomorrow. 

There is unmistakable pride in making a ‘genuine attempt’ at something. And ultimately, you can’t really ask much more of someone.

Take will for example, who said the phone number of his old radio network, live on air with his new network.

We had a bloke call in and tell us about his first flight with the drone his wife got him for Christmas. It flew off into the sunset never to be seen again.

What have you made a ‘genuine attempt’ at these holidays? Or did you make any new year’s resolutions that you’ve already failed to keep? 

If so, we would love to hear them, and will be very keen to share some on our show. 


So be sure to hit us up on social media with what you’ve made a genuine attempt at!  

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