We all remember Stacey Hampton from this year’s extraordinary MAFS season.

She was paired with Michael Goonan and it was a rollercoaster of tragedy.

Michael, you should know, goes by ‘Micky’ Goonan on Instagram (this will be important later)

and he is a bloody trainwreck but he’s happily with fellow MAFS contestant KC now.



And Stacey the SCORNED lover was having beef after beef with them both until she went silent on socials, which was honestly for the best.

But she’s back now and she’s announcing her NEW LOVER.

Who’s name is…Mick.

From Micky…to Mick? What are the chances? 

She put up a post on Instagram so I guess it’s official.

“Someone who can make you smile when you’re at your lowest. Someone to have a shoulder to cry on and always have your back. Haven’t opened up to anyone in a long time, I’m scared but I’m happy.”



The caption is actually very sweet and makes me want to root for them!

“Mick” also put up a post but I’m not gonna quote his caption because it’s a BLOODY ESSAY but you can have a squizz below.


He mentions he “bumped” into her at a casino before the pandemic broke out.

Suuuure you did mate, I bet you planned that ‘bump in’ Mick you sly dog.