In case you were worried that any future seasons of hit reality TV show Married At First Sight couldn’t compete with the AMAZING drama that we received from the stellar cast of last season, it looks like you might have just been proven wrong!

According to Daily Mail Australia, the upcoming sixth season of the show that sees strangers meet each other for the first time at their wedding, is already getting messy behind the scenes.

The report suggests that several of the contestants who signed up for the show with the hopes of finding love have already QUIT just days before their blind weddings over pay disputes.

All contestants are paid just $150 a day during filming, which is the same amount as last season’s cast, but it’s alleged that current singletons think this is not good enough.

“It’s been quite chaotic behind the scenes,” said a show inside to Daily Mail Australia. “People have been demanding to be paid more and dropping out at the last minute after failing to negotiate the $150 day rate any higher.”

Of course you’d imagine that the prospect of finding love would be worth no money at all, but it must be remembered that cast members are forced to take time off work or in some cases even quit their jobs in order to be available for filming.

“As far a the producers are concerned, you can’t put a price on love and the money is simply to help keep them afloat while filming and taking time off work,” the insider continued. “But some of the cast members that have families to support have stated they’ll really struggle to make that stretch.”


The Daily Mail is reporting that a single mother-of-two in her early thirties and an Instagram model are among the singles who have sensationally quit over pay.

The insider also told the publication that contestants have to film for about 10 hours each day, meaning that their pay would equate to about $15 an hour. Contestants are required to be available for about 10 weeks from September to December for filming.

So it looks like the crazy drama lives on in the world of MAFS. But seriously, hopefully they can sort out this dispute quick smart because we can’t have this show being delayed or god forbid, cancelled! We live for the MAFS drama.

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