Nasser Sultan has slammed former Married At First Sight co-star Ryan Gallagher over his alleged homophobic remarks.

“I don’t go on stage, in front of people, and call people names and put them down to be a comedy act… I’m not a fan of Ryan… He’s a pig,” the reality star told Kyle and Jackie O. 

This follows leaked audio from Ryan’s recent stand-up gig in Sydney where the comedian took aim at his former spouse, before making homophobic slurs about Nasser.

The skit saw Ryan put on a feminine voice with a lisp, referring to Nasser as ‘Nather,’ before saying: “Let me tell you a few things about Nasser, and I’m going to stand up for this one… Nasser is a 51-year-old guy that lives in Surry Hills, rides a scooter and told us all that he sits down to p**s, which he’s very open about.”

“Where I come from, we hold hands, we kiss,” Nasser said in response to his ex-costar’s claims. “I don’t go around and degrade them (the LGBT community)… and I don’t use it as my entrance to interviews… That comedy act is very short-lived. Australia’s going to back this up,” he said before proclaiming that Australia has a “social problem”. 


Kyle and Jackie O then invited Ryan to the call, prompting Nasser to hang up immediately. 

Ryan responded saying, “He set up those photos [featuring Nasser with a younger male companion]. I never said anything about him being gay or straight. What I’m saying is that he set up those photos, making it look like he was gay for money, that’s what I didn’t like. I told him that and he got angry. He hates me.”

After both men threw insults at each other, Kyle revealed that Nasser did have a girlfriend during his time on Married At First Sight. “I’ve spoken to her. She had no idea that he was doing a TV show where he was marrying someone else. She was shocked and she gave him the a**, and never wants to speak to him again.” You will be shocked at Nasser’s response!

So, are you Team Nasser or Team Ryan? Watch the above video to see the full confrontation, and beware, it does get pretty intense! 

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