Earlier this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, 10 second Mike… ugh, we mean Mikey from MAFS joined us to talk about his experience on the reality show with wife Natasha following a pretty big blow up last night.

The fight involved comments that Natasha made at the Dinner Party about their sexual encounters, saying that it didn’t last long and that Mikey even got a cramp at one stage.


Mikey was understandably upset by the jokes that kinda made fun of his sexual ability and speaking out about it with Kyle and Jackie O this morning he came out swinging with revenge on his onscreen wife Natasha.

Mikey claimed that he wasn’t attracted to Natasha and that he actually faked the cramp so that he could get out of having sex with her because he just wasn’t feeling it.

“I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t that attracted to Natasha,” Mikey revealed. “Pulling a cramp, come on every guy can stretch that out and keep it going… It didn’t exist.

Ouch right…


Well then Natasha heard all of this and decided to call up the Kyle and Jackie O Show and give her two cents on the situation.

She basically called bullsh*t and said that if Mikey had been faking it with her then he deserves an award for his acting skills.

“I mean he had a cramp and he sat there and he was like, ‘Rub it out. Rub it out’, and he was sitting there almost in tears,” Natasha said of sexual encounter.

“So I mean if it was fake, he probably deserves an Oscar.”


Natasha also told us that after Mikey supposedly faked a cramp because he wasn’t feeling it, they went on to sleep together again. She thinks that he’s just saying he faked it to save face after being embarrassed during last night’s episode.

“I mean if the sex was that bad I doubt he’d come back for more so I do think the cramp was real,” Natasha told us. “But I mean who knows. Mikey’s ego’s a little bit bruised after last night.”

“I mean the third time was good,” Natasha continued. “Mikey and I had a couple of problems and it was makeup sex I guess.”

The one thing Natasha did agree with Mikey on though is that the producers have completely changed the way his personality comes across on the screen, which is something else that Kyle and Jackie O discussed with Mikey earlier.

“Mikey’s not this shy timid guy, like Mikey and I p*ss ourselves laughing,” Natasha continued to explain. “We laugh, we’re silly, we say bad jokes, we make people uncomfortable and they’re making him out to be this little boy.”

Hear more from our chat with MAFS’ Natasha in the podcast below!


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