If you picked up a copy of New Idea this morning you would have seen the latest MAFS rumours… Including one that alleged that Natasha had slept with Mikey’s DAD!!

In case you need a recap, Natasha and Mikey were married on the experiment this season but despite their best efforts, things didn’t work out, and the pari chose to leave last night.

While it seemed like an amicable break up, it seems a LOT has happened behind-the-scenes and after filming, as these two are certainly no fans of each other now…

This became incredible apparent this morning as both Mikey and Natasha joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio and instead of having a civilised conversation, we basically played witness to a massive argument live on air.

One thing that the pair couldn’t see eye to eye on was this rumour that claimed Tash had gotten it on with Mikey’s dad.

While both agreed that the rumour was absolute rubbish, they differed on how the rumour began.

In fact, Natasha claims that Mikey himself is the one who started the rumour! And she had another MAFS bride on the phone on standby to back her up on this fact.


“There’s one this morning that my dad slept with Natasha… on New Idea,” Mikey told Kyle and Jackie O while speaking about the numerous rumours going around about him.

“It’s on the cover of New Idea and it gets brought up at the reunion,” he added, claiming that we’ll see this rumour happen on screen later in the season.

“I just think it’s ridiculous what’s on the cover of New Idea, to have your Dad in there, he’s really upset… To say that that happened when it’s absolutely crap, and it would never happen.”

Despite being a lie, how on earth did a rumour like this even start? Mikey claims he doesn’t know who originally made it up but claims that fellow MAFS cast member Stacey is the one who brings it up with Natasha at the reunion.

But if you ask Natasha and Stacey? They claim that MIKEY is actually the one who started the rumour involving his dad!

“Stacey said that Mikey told [her],” Natasha alleged on air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning.


“Yeah I’m going to tell that about my own father,” Mikey hit back immediately. “I’m going to tell Stacey about my own father, and when did I tell her? She’s got no evidence of me doing it because I never did it.”

Mikey continued to say that Stacey’s claims the the rumour started with him was a complete lie.

“At the reunion you will see, basically she gets cornered by everyone because, she deserves it in terms of lying, and then she’s clutching at straws and just saying things,” Mikey added about Stacey. “You’ll see it at the reunion.”

“I don’t know where it’s come from, I don’t know why she’d say that. To think that she’d think I’d throw my dad under the bus like that is ridiculous and it’s not the first time that she’s blatantly lied.”

Mikey was ADAMANT the rumour didn’t start with him, But what did Stacey have to say about all of this?

She called up the show to back up Natasha, claiming Mikey is the one who told her about Natasha’s rumoured affair with his dad.


“Mikey’s lying I swear on anything,” Stacey told us. “100% he sat me down and said [it]… I’m positive I didn’t misunderstand anything. I wouldn’t lie to Natasha, I have no reason to lie to her. We weren’t friends, and here I am coming out and saying, you know what, this is what happened.”

“She’s laughable, I don’t even need to listen to her. The lies that come out of her mouth are ridiculous,” Mikey said in retaliation.

So who’s telling the truth here? We may never know but it sure looks like we’re going to see it go down at the show’s reunion!

Hear more from the big blow up between Mikey, Natasha and Stacey in the podcast below!

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