We only really just learnt what a sexual beast Married At First Sight’s Mishel actually is when they played her audition tape during Wednesday night’s episode and she couldn’t stop talking about how important sex is for her in a relationship.

So excuse us but we really weren’t ready for this admission from Mishel!

It turns out that her house was broken into during filming and instead of taking the usually expensive household items, Mishel claims that this bandit stole some of her more personal items.

Speaking on James Weir’s podcast ‘Not Here To Make Friends’, the MAFS star explained that a robber actually broke into her house and stole her vibrator a few months ago!

But it wasn’t just Mishel who had items stolen… She said that her daughter Eva’s vibrator was also stolen, along with some of their underwear!!


“We got robbed while I was on the series,” Mishel said on the podcast. “And they took lots of personal stuff. Like they took bras and undies.

“Anyway I said to Eva, I have to ask but go check in the drawer… If there’s nothing there then you’ll know.

“Just have a look at yours and see if yours is missing too, if you possibly had one. And then my son goes, ‘Oh my God why does everyone have vibrators?!’”

“So Married At First Sight Star’s vibrator stolen while on show!” commented James Weir.

“Yes! I was on air yes and my daughter was calling me for four hours and Channel Nine and the producers and they didn’t let her speak to me because I was filming a commitment ceremony,” Mishel revealed.

Okay first of all, What the actual heck?! Who is this creep going around stealing underwear and vibrators?! And please tell me they’ve been caught?!


Secondly, damn Mishel! We are actually kinda loving that this sexual minx side of her is coming out because we can’t stand the fact that Steve doesn’t give her any intimate attention whatsoever!

You go girl! Hopefully Channel Nine reimbursed her by buying her a new one…

Hear more in the podcast below!

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