Every single year we hear the Married At First Sight contestants complaining about various editing choices throughout the show, with multiple claims that scenes and personalities get misconstrued or misrepresented.

It happens so much now that we basically go into each episode with a grain of salt, knowing that producers likely had some sort of manipulation in each scene.

But one person we didn’t realise had been edited so much this season is Mikey Pembroke!

Mikey is married to Natasha on the show, and so far he’s come across as pretty quiet, sweet and subdued.


In fact, during their wedding, Natasha made a point of saying that he’s certainly not the type of guy that she would usually go for because he’s not as confident or forward as guys she’s dated in the past.

But when Mikey joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, we quickly realised that Mikey is in fact completely confident, very forward and actually pretty cheeky! Basically the complete opposite of how he’s been portrayed on screen.


Mikey joined us this morning to tell us about his fight with Natasha during last night’s Dinner Party episode and about their rather short sexual experience and he one big chatterbox!

In fact, he revealed that a lot of what is really going on in his relationship with Natasha hasn’t been shown so far on screen.

“It’s funny there’s another side of me and Natasha not told because we’re quite controversial with how we talk to each other,” Mikey revealed. “There’s been some big that we’ve had and I think they just wanted to sort of soften it a bit.

“I’m not going to lie, not that I’m not a nice person but I look a lot nicer on the show and less cheeky than I probably am.”


Jackie was also quick to notice the differences in Mikey on the phone now to the Mikey we’ve seen on screen and mentioned that she’d never seen this side of him before.

“Geez you sound so different to what they portray you on the show,” Jackie exclaimed. “You’ve got like all this personality and on the show you seem kind of reserved almost.”

“Yeah well that’s the thing about editing isn’t it Jackie,” Mikey replied. “They only pick certain moments. They only pick what they want to show.”

“But this guy we’re hearing, we’ve never met this guy on the show,” Kyle added in a bit of shock.

“It’s a totally different guy,” Jackie added.

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“The real Mikey everyone. The real Mikey from MAFS on the show here. You’ll never see him on TV but here he is here,” Kyle laughed.

It really is like there’s two completely different Mikey’s out there! We hope his true character does come out on screen soon! This guy is actually hilarious!

Listen to our full chat with Mikey from MAFS in the podcast below!

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