You may have noticed MAFs Melissa had a facial crease on her cheek whilst she appeared on the most recent season of MAFS.

Many thought she had botched plastic surgery or some sort of cheek filler but she’s finally revealed the truth on her podcast.

“My cheek. I did not have filler. I have not had plastic surgery.”

“It’s not plastic surgery gone wrong, so if you’ve said that you’re a piece of crap.”

“I was running and fell and smashed my face on a glass coffee table. And all of the ligaments and muscles in my cheek actually died,” she explained the freak accident she had when she was just over 1 year old.

“That’s why I have a bigger dimple on one side and my face is not symmetrical.”

Despite huge doubts from everything, Melissa and Bryce recently celebrated their 8 month anniversary.



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