Well that was a little awkward…

This morning Kyle and Jackie O were joined by returnee bride Elizabeth Sobinoff to chat all about her second Married At First Sight wedding with newcomer Seb Guilhaus.

And let’s just say she wasn’t really willing to give too many details away!

Recently Liz and Seb were spotted at a shopping centre in Newcastle, where Liz lives, at a locksmiths.

An eagle-eyed fan said that the pair were getting house keys cut at the Westfield in Kotara, leading everyone to speculate that the pair are already moving in together.


The picture was posted to instagram account MAFS Funny with the caption, “Looks like Seb’s already moving in with Liz three months after filming wrapped”.

But when we tried to ask Liz about these photos this morning, she completely dodged it, suggesting that maybe there’s clones of her and Seb out there…

“What was that?” Jackie asked about the pictures.

“Um, I don’t know,” Liz laughed. “Maybe there’s lots of clones out there.”


“Like getting keys cut for each others house or something like that? Some little filthy rendezvous, key swapping stuff going on?” Kyle asked.

“Key swapping? What’s that?” Liz questioned.

“You know where you cut a key to your joint so he can sneak over in the middle of the night and vice versa,” Kyle added.

“Up, um, I’m being well behaved,” Liz said sharply. “I don’t know, maybe there’s a lot of lookalikes. I don’t know.”


With these pictures coming out we would assume that Liz and Seb are still together after filming but she refused to answer this question too.


“Are you and Seb going well now?” Jackie asked.

“I think you’re going to have to watch to find out,” Liz replied.

Our guess is that they are together though based on their consistent interactions on Instagram. Basically on every single photo that Seb posts to his account Liz comments on it with something flirty.

Now would she really do that if they weren’t still together? We certainly wouldn’t!


Hear more from our chat with Liz from MAFS in the podcast below!