MAFS KC Osborne has had a rough weekend, lashing out after fans send her videos and messages of what Michael Noonan was up to on the weekend.

Footage was found on Instagram of a mysterious lady hanging out at Goonan’s mansion on Saturday, sharing a bottle of wine.

Later identified as lawyer Kara Bramham, Kara had uploaded the videos onto her Instagram story and they were circulated from there!

Kara interviewed with Daily Mail  to clear the air, saying her and Michael are just friends.

KC retaliated to the videos on Instagram on Sunday saying “I woke up to messages of what Michael was doing last night… Guys I don’t care to see it. We broke up.”


She went on to say “We all handle heart breaks different. I gave that relationship my heart and soul. I said I was not going to talk about it but every weekend I don’t want to be getting sent all his videos… We are done… Is my heart hurting. Yes. Like you wouldn’t believe. I still wish the best for him and however he handles this breakup is his choice”.

Wise words queen, keep trucking on.


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