They said it about Michael’s onscreen wife Stacey and now it looks like the trolls are going after his girlfriend KC with the same thing – gold digger.

It’s no secret that Michael is well off. His family is like the ice royal family of Adelaide. And by that we mean that they own a company in the cold-storage and food manufacturing industry, Adelaide Ice.

Anyway, Michael is often seen with the nicer things in life, like his gold rolex watches, nice suits, designer accessories and even travelling on a freaking private plane.

So with this being said, when Michael is with a girl it seems that people assume that they’re only with him for his money.

After Michael and his new MAFS girlfriend KC were showing off on Insta their recent trip on a private jet, holding their Louis Vuitton handbag, some trolls were quick to give KC this ‘gold digger’ name tag.


But KC isn’t letting it bother her and she’s actually got a message for everyone with this opinion.

Speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, Michael and KC spoke about their real relationship while KC shut down the haters.

“I can tell you two, you’re into each other, you’re both into each other and it doesn’t matter whether you had no money or plenty or money, love is love,” Kyle told the couple this morning.

“Yeah it just gets annoying the ‘gold digger’, ‘materialistic’, ‘superficial’, like what’s wrong with being materialistic?” KC replied. “As long as you’re kind, giveback and you’re a good person, who cares if you like nice things.”

Michael also jumped in joking, “that’s why we’re not getting KC a birthday present this year, or for the next ten years just to prove that point”.


All jokes aside though, KC said that she just loves Michael for Michael and she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a nice person.

“Michael is really a kind guy, honestly I wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t. He treats me really well and we’re happy and yeah, it’s a great thing that came off the show,” KC said.

Hear more from our chat with Michael and KC in the podcast below!

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