The ARIA Awards is the night of night’s for the music industry here in Australia, with stars from all walks of the entertainment industry walking the red carpet.

Jules and Cam from Married at First Sight fame and of course the newlyweds in real life were among the celebrities and stopped to chat with our own Intern Pete before heading into the awards held at The Star.

While we began with chats about the biggest artists at the moment, and a quick quip from Pete congratulating Jules and Cam on their “album of the year” (lol), the conversation quickly turned to the elephant in the room.

Recently Jules and Cam’s wedding has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons, with reports that Jules dumped fellow MAFS star Mel as her bridesmaid just weeks before the wedding day.

Mel joined Kyle and Jackie O last week to tell us exactly what happened from her point of view, telling us that it was rather brutal the way it went down.


“She just said, ‘I don’t think, you’re actually not going to be a bridesmaid anymore. I haven’t really seen you this year and it just wouldn’t be right of you to be standing next to me on my real wedding’,” Mell told us. “I was really kind of shocked.”

She also read out a text message that Jules apparently sent her that said,

“Just because I said it on a show doesn’t mean I have to do it. People said a lot of things on that show. This is real life. I won’t be answering any media messages about this. I just want it to blow over and it will be forgotten about. Take care.”

But now Jules is speaking out to give her own side of the story, telling Intern Pete that the word “dumping” just wasn’t right in describing what happened between her and Mel.


“Did you really dump Mel out of your wedding?” Pete asked.

“Even the word dumping is not something, I wouldn’t talk like that Pete,” Jules told us before adding that they’ve tried to avoid reading all of the negative headlines.

“We haven’t read anything in weeks, we’ve just been living a great life and having fun together.”

Despite not reading it all, Pete then asked whether Jules and Cam were disheartened at all by the “bullsh*t” going around the grapevine.


“Absolutely! But you get the good and you get the bad and it is disappointing,” Jules admitted. “I heard that I’m a Bridezilla and that I made people cry and I’m like, anyone that knows me for two seconds, I’m not making anyone cry.”

“When it’s about how I look, whatever. But when it’s about who I am as a person, that hurts,” she continued. “I think when you know who you are and you know it’s not true and the people who know you know it’s not, then what am I going to do. You can’t fight it.”

Cam also jumped in, saying that amongst all the negativity they’ve also seen a lot of love and support.

“On the opposite side we’ve also had a lot of love and support,” Cam said. “We couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

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