We all hated watching Josh and Cathy’s relationship crash and burn on the show.

I feel like we blinked and it all went to sh**!

Josh revealed yesterday that he has plans to auction the wedding ring for charity.

Thank god it’s for charity otherwise that would have been…problematic.

Josh put up an IGTV video where he stated where and when to go to auction for his wedding ring AND wedding photo!



All the money raised will be going to raise awareness for Motor Neurone disease, which is a great cause!

The disease hits close to home for Josh as he opens up in the caption about a recent death in the family.

having lost my cousin last year at only 33 years old, this is something very important to me, let’s raise awareness and hopefully get one step closer to ridding this world of this terrible disease.”, he writes.

All the best Josh! We hope you raise a tonne of cash!

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