Last night on Married At First Sight we saw Mikey and Natasha choose to leave the experiment during the commitment ceremony.

While they both said leave on their pads, wished each other the best and left rather amicably, it was a completely different story this morning, leading us to believe that a LOT has happened in between filming and now!

Mikey and Natasha both joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning (even though they didn’t really want to see each other…) and fellow MAFS bride Stacey even joined us for a bit on the phone and it basically just turned into one massive cat fight!

The three MAFS cast members addressed all of the rumours going around about them at the moment, including the fact that Mikey reportedly slept with Stacey and the latest rumour that Natasha is reportedly sleeping with Mikey’s DAD!!

There was screaming and yelling, a bit of nasty mocking and a whole LOT of speaking over the top of one another. In fact, by the end Kyle said what we were all thinking…

“I have no idea what’s going on but I love every second of it,” Kyle said. Same Kyle. Same!


You can listen to the whole chat/live feud in the podcast below! (And let us know if you can make sense of any of it… Our heads are still spinning!!)

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