Rumours have begun circling in the reality TV world suggesting that Married At First Sight’s Dean Wells could become our next Bachelor.

But if the rumours are in fact true, Dean certainly hasn’t been kept in the loop!

He told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that he had heard nothing about a potential role handing out roses at the Bachie mansion anytime soon.

“The big rumour swirling around is you’ve done a one year deal with Channel ten, not just with Dancing with the Stars but also The Bachelor. True or false?” Kyle asked Dean on air this morning.

“I think there’s as much horse sh*t in that promo as that last story that you just heard,” Dean replied, referring to a story a caller had just finished telling us about literally horse sh*t.

I.e. there isn’t any truth to this story!

“As far as I know there’s nothing like that in the works,” Dean continued. “That’s all I really know about it. I probably know as much as you guys.”


“So you’ve not been asked or talked to about it?” Jackie coninued.

“No,” Dean concluded.

Dean is set to make his reality TV comeback with 10 shortly as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, signing a contract with Channel Ten at the start of the year.

But for the time being it looks like this is the only Channel Ten show he’s taking part in so back off rumour mill!


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