It seems that time has not mended the incredible feud between Married At First Sight enemies Cyrell Paule and Martha Kalifatidis.

While it’s been months since MAFS aired and even longer since it was actually filmed, Cyrell is certainly not over her feud with Martha that turned rather physical on the show (that red wine throwing scene deserved a Logie for best drama in our opinion).

Cyrell joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to take part in a Cost Of Love segment with her boyfriend, also of reality TV fame, Eden Dally from Love Island, when her feelings about Martha became quite clear.

It first came up when Jackie asked Cyrell about the Logies and why not all of the MAFS contestants showed up to the event.

She told us that she couldn’t speak for everyone, but she didn’t accept her invite because she refused to be in the same room as Martha.

“Was there some sort of hierarchy of who was invited and who wasn’t?” Jackie asked Cyrell.

“Well I made it pretty clear to Channel Nine not to ever put me in the same room as Martha,” she revealed.


“You don’t get on with Martha still?” Kyle asked.

“When the show was actually on, a lot of people didn’t know, she wants to actually meet up with me and make her apology but I always said no because you know what, you had plenty of time while the show was on air to apologise and I felt like she was only ever apologising because she was copping a lot of hate from Australia, so I just didn’t want a bar of it.”

Speaking of the Logies, Jackie then wanted to know whether Cyrell had heard about the rumours and the feud that followed between Sunrise’s Kochie and Martha during the Award ceremonies red carpet.

In case you aren’t up to date with the latest reality TV goss, Kochie and Sam Armytage claimed on their breakfast TV show that Martha had elbowed Kochie out of the way to get to the press while walking the red carpet.

Martha and her beau Michael Bruneli then released a video saying that this was completely false and that the Sunrise hosts were ridiculing and bullying her by making such claims.

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I was excited about the Logies for weeks, I got my outfit, my accessories, my dress ready. Michael and I attended the event and we had a fun night with our fellow cast members and others from the media world. We left the night on a high, what an amazing experience it was to be invited to walk the red carpet at the Logies. That all came crashing down this morning when I woke up to see @kochie_online and @sam_armytage from the Sunrise morning show ridicule and bully me on national television. Sam continued to make fun of me, a women in the industry that I’m meant to look up to. Sam, you have single handedly incited online hate towards me. Just when I had built myself back up after the tumultuous time on MAFS, you brought it all crashing down. Kochi, you are a father, yet you felt it necessary to shame me on tv. You felt it was OK to criticise me, call me short and turn what may have been accidental bump on the arm into something scandalous. You’re the bullies! @sam_armytage @kochie_online @sunriseon7

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And so no one really knows the truth about what really went down that night, but if you ask Cyrell, she’s certainly one who thinks the rumour is true.

“It’s a real elbow-gate here, so Kochie claims that Martha elbowed him out of the way to get to the photographers, and Martha’s saying that never happened,” Jackie said.

“Do you know what, I don’t even know Kochie but I know her as a person and you know what, I believe him straight away,” Cyrell told us.

“Anything with lenses that girl will be running up,” she continued with a laugh.

Who knows what went down that night but we have to say it’s probably a good think that Cyrell didn’t attend… The Cyclone no doubt would’ve come out when she came face to face with Martha!


Hear more from our chat with Cyrell and Eden in the video above!

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