Reality TV cross-over couple Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally have welcome their first child together.

Married At First Sight star Cyrell gave birth to a beautiful baby boy two weeks earlier than expected.

Cyrell was rushed to hospital for the birth after her water broke on Saturday night but thankfully everyone is happy, healthy and doing well.

Speaking with New Idea about the birth, Cyrell explained that it was incredibly painful and couldn’t be done completely naturally.

“I probably took every drug you could take during labour,” Cyrell jokes. “I ended up getting cut as well, and because I genuinely couldn’t push anymore, he also had to get suctioned out.”


Cyrell and Eden also posed for a photoshoot with they newborn son with New Idea. See the photos here!

The pair are yet to name their son and for now they’re calling him ‘bub’ until they can decided on one.

Cyrell and Eden, who starred on the first Aussie season of Love Island, only recently rekindled their relationship after going on a break during the pregnancy.


They first announced that they were expecting in August last year, just a few months after confirming that they had started dating.

Congratulations to the new family!

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