Well reality fans were sent into an absolute frenzy over the weekend after our new Bachelor Locky was spotted hanging out with a Married At First Sight contestant.

Aleks Markovic, who was married to Ivan on the most recent season of MAFS, was doing an Instagram Live interview over the weekend when none other than Locky Gilbert popped up momentarily in the background, according to the Daily Mail.

The Survivor alum turned Bachelor star was only seen for a split second, but it was enough to fuel rumours that he and Aleks could be dating.

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Of course fans were quick to question what was going on, especially seeing as Locky is supposed to be staying single while his season of The Bachelor is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.


But according to Aleks, it was completely innocent! She joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to set the record straight, saying that she and Locky are just friends and she hadn’t even met him prior to the weekend.

“I mean really, like I’m still filing my divorce papers, do you think I’d be rooting someone already?” Aleks joked.

Apparently Locky and Aleks have a mutual friend over in Perth, and both of them just happened to be at this friends house at the same time, while Aleks was filming the Instagram Live.

“No no, Locky was definitely not at my house that’s for sure, we’re just friends of a friend,” Aleks said.

“It’s an old high school friend, he happened to be friends with her as well because you know, men and women can be friends and yeah we happened to be at the same place at the same time.”


“I’ve never met Locky prior to Sunday. I’ve never actually met Locky so I was actually pretty shocked and I didn’t even know really who he was,” she added.

Aleks said that her and Locky started speaking about their reality TV show experiences seeing as they both had that in common, but she hasn’t spoken to him since she left the friend’s house.

“We kind of just hit it off as friends,” Aleks said. “We’ve met and we’re friends now and I wish him all the best to find his true soul mate on The Bachelor.”

Of course, Aleks isn’t blind and she did admit that Locky sure is a good looker and is certainly her type of guy.

“I mean he’s definitely, you know my thing is tall dark and handsome and Locky’s definitely that but I think he’s going to find his soul mate on the show from what he was saying to me, so I wish him all the best, but it’s definitely not me,” Aleks said.

So while Aleks isn’t dating Locky, she told us that things have certainly fizzled out with Ivan too and she’s actually got a new man on the dating horizon.


“Ivan’s definitely put to bed,” Aleks told us. “I’m interested in someone at the moment.”

“He’s a no one thank the lord! I wouldn’t go back to reality… No more Daily Mail, no more magazines, no way I just want to go back to being a normal person,” Aleks added of her new beau.

Which is yet another reason why she says she definitely wouldn’t go there with Locky, even if they were both single! No more reality TV men for Aleks!

So Bachelor fans can breathe a sign of relief knowing that Locky is still single, and from what Aleks said, is truly ready to find love on his season!


Hear our full chat with Aleks from MAFS in the podcast below!

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