We remember a time when we used to be shocked when people would get engaged during the final episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. After all, they’ve only known each other for like two months!

But this new reality show, which is described as being like The Bachelor but on STEROIDS, will see contestants looking for love became engaged the SAME DAY that they meet each other!

It’s aptly called ‘The Proposal’ and following success over in the US it kicks of here Down Under next week!

Host of the show, Luke Jacobz, joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to tell us all about it and to explain exactly how it’s mean to work.

“What we do is we have one single which we call the suitor,” he explained to us this morning. “And then we have eight singles that come down.


“So we might have a single female that goes in and she goes behind a screen called the commitment ring and then eight men come down these stairs and they sort of say, ‘Hi I’m so and so from this area’. She hears them, she sees them but they don’t see her.

“After each segment she then says no to two of them and then no to two more until she widely it down until there’s only two people left.”

What happens next is that the suitor meets the last two singles face-to-face. And this is when the good stuff happens – the engagement!

“We reveal her at the very last second and then the guys get down on one knee and propose marriage to her.”


Sounds INSANE but just the right amount of insane to make for some incredible reality TV viewing.

Luke also explained that some match-making does come into affect in this show before the singles are chosen for each particular suitor to make sure that they would have a connection.

“Everyone’s been really pleasantly surprised… We’ve put some thought into whether they get along or they’ve got similar interests… We don’t want to put someone up there that is like completely different age groups,” Luke explained.

“We have a section too where we basically talk about if there’s a ‘No No’. Like if there’s something about that person that is a deal breaker. It’s like, ‘I’m a vegan’, and the person goes, ‘I can’t be with a vegan’, okay cool, then you can walk away.”

Luke also revealed that The Proposal will be keeping up with the times and will actually have a bisexual element!

“I’m not going to let too many secrets out but there is a bisexual part of it, component. So you might want to tune into that,” he said.


The Proposal kicks off next Tuesday night at 8:30pm on Channel 7! So text your girlfriends now and start chilling that wine!

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