This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with newly evicted Bachelor Luke.

Like everyone else in the country, the guys couldn’t understand why Sophie had let Luke go… he seemed really lovely – and like they had great chemistry – what’s going on?

Jackie had to ask: ‘Were you surprised to be eliminated from the show, because it felt like it just happened for no reason?’

‘At the time it’s very overwhelming and it does happen quite suddenly,’ Luke explained.


‘I mean now, it’s been a while since then, so I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and think about it and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, there’s things that do make sense, as to why she decided the way she did.’

Hmmm… we’re at a loss.

Then Jackie did the girls of Australia a solid and asked the question we all wanted the answer to; is Luke single?

’I’m still single, I’ve just thrown myself back into work and been really occupied with that, and just trying to stay busy…’

The best part is, when asked if he’d a lot of female attention on the show, after the guys from Survivor said the girls had been aggressive, sending pictures and the like.

He said he hadn’t even looked at the requests on his social media.


He’s the nicest guy ever, girls – and he’s FREE AND SINGLE!

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