Luke and Cassie, who were recently evicted from the current season of Love Island Australia, joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio this morning when they revealed that one of our fav couples might not actually be as in love as we think they are.

While Luke and Cassie revealed that they are actually back together themselves, they told us that they thought Cynthia and Aaron won’t be lasting long on the outside.

Why? Because they think that Aaron is totally faking it!

ICYMI, Cynthia didn’t have much luck in the villa, resulting in her crying on the rooftop wishing for her perfect man to show up.

The next day Aaron entered the Love Island villa. Despite Aaron saying that he liked the look of Jessie and one of the blonde bomb squad members Bianca, he later connected with Cynthia and they remain coupled up on the show now.


But Luke and Cassie told us that they think Aaron doesn’t have true feelings for Cynthia. Which if true, we will absolutely RIOT because she is one of the sweetest girls in there!

“Cynthia and Aaron, I really love them as a couple. What are they really like?” Jackie asked Luke and Cassie this morning.

“Cynthia’s amazing,” Cassie told us. “She’s one of my favourite girls. Like she’s so genuine and sweet. And I know for sure that she actually is looking for a relationship.

“I’m not sure if Aaron’s the guy for her.”

While he seems like a really nice and honest guy, Luke seemed to think he was more like a Maurice 2.0 (And in case you don’t know, Maurice was completely fake and left early on).


“When Aaron first came in I had some good chats with him and he was really keen on the blondes and you know, I don’t think they really gave him a chance,” Luke began.

“He saw that Cynthia took a liking to him, so he went straight over there.”

“Oh so you think it may not be genuine from him?” Kyle asked.

“I kind of see Aaron, like I really like him, his persona, however I kind of see him as a Maurice 2.0 and it’s just funny that he hooked up with the exact same girl as Maurice and he’s doing a very similar style of game,” Luke said.

“They’re both actors two,” Cassie through in there like it was common knowledge, which btw it wasn’t. As per the Love Island website, Aaron is a former soldier and model…


So yeah Luke and Cassie were basically making out like Aaron is only on the show to win, not for love.

We REALLY hope for Cynthia’s sake this is not true! Especially seeing as up until now we thought these two were so cute together!

We’ll be waiting patiently to see what happens when they enter the real world now…

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