We think Jessika Power’s chance to appear on this season of Love Island Australia might have just sailed away as the main reason for her appearing on the show, or the main person rather, was just eliminated.

Vanessa was voted out of the Love Island villa last night in a pretty brutal dumping and as all reality TV fanatics should know by now, Jess and Vanessa have some history.

Jessika joined Kyle and Jackie O a few weeks ago with a message for Channel 9, asking them to send her into Love Island to stir up some drama with Vanessa.

“So Vanessa’s on there at the moment, which is obviously my brother’s ex-girlfriend… When the promo came out I just thought, ‘Oh, now that’s why the social climbing was happening’,” Jess told us at the time.

By this, Jessika insinuated that Vanessa had dated various people in her life, including her brother Rhyce Power, her ex Dan from MAFS and another ex-boyfriend from Perth, in a bid to increase her social status.


“So she dated my brother after he sort of blew up on my show, and then she went to Dan and then she went to one of my other ex-boyfriends in Perth,” Jess continued.

Jess told us that if they put her on Love Island she would stir the pot and try and steal Vanessa’s partner on the show. But now that’s certainly not an option!

Vanessa also joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning following her dumping, when we asked her about the apparent feud between her and Jess.

She told us that she tried to sort everything out with Jess face to face a while back.


“That’s a piss up,” Vanessa said. “Look you know what, I actually sent her a message on Instagram a while back saying, ‘Hey, I heard you’re coming to town. Let’s have a chat’.

“She always talks about confrontation and stuff but she just ignored the message so I think that she’s just saying all these things to get attention.”

Vanessa told us that she had dated Jessika’s brother Rhyce and also Jess’ ex-MAFS boyfriend Dan, but that she wasn’t dating another random ex from Perth.

“I mean, he brother and Dan yes, but the ex in Perth, we’re just mates,” Vanessa added. “I don’t know where she got that idea from. Maybe he was just trying to make her jealous and has just made it up.”


We wonder what Jess will have to say to this? No doubt she’ll have a response ready and waiting! Maybe she’ll even show up on Love Island still! You really never know what’s going to happen with that show.


Love Island continues tonight at 8:40 on Channel Nine after The Block!

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