Could love Island’s Grant Crapp be trading a villa for a mansion and recoupling ceremonies for rose ceremonies?

While Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of the Bachelor has only just started we all know that the producers are constantly on the prowl for their next talent, and if rumours are correct their eyes could be set on a reality show contestant from another channel, Grant Crapp.

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, Grant recently won the first season of Love Island Australia with his then girlfriend Tayla Damir. Since leaving Spain his name has been plastered all of the headlines after this relationship imploded when rumours surfaced that he was still in a relationship with his ex.

And while a lot of us assumed that Grant had since gone back to his ex-girlfriend Lucy Cartwright, the pair swear they’re not officially an item. So with Grant technically single, is it possible that he could become the next Bachelor?

Rumours that Grant will headline Channel Ten’s reality dating show have been circling and so when he came into the Kyle and Jackie O studios this morning for his Sports Crapp segment, Kyle decided to ask him if they were true.

“I saw that someone said on Daily Mail that Channel 10 might want you to be a Bachelor. Have you heard that?” asked Kyle. “There’s the Bachelor on now, then there’s the Bachelorette, then they’ll be looking for another Bachelor.”


Grant told us that he hadn’t even heard about the rumours but you could tell by the look on his face that he was happily surprised.

“The Bachelor? No I haven’t! What’s going on there?,” said Grant. “Well there you go, I didn’t know that.”

But while he didn’t know about the rumours Grant seemed to seriously consider taking on the position if he was to be officially asked. In fact, he told us that he’d been watching The Honey Badger’s season and he thought the gig looked pretty darn amazing!

“Yeah if it comes my way I won’t deny it,” he said. “I think Nick Cummins right now is the luckiest bloke in Australia I’d say wouldn’t you reckon?”


Well you heard the man Channel 10! Write up a contract stat! Seeing a bunch of women fight to become the future Mrs Crapp is something we HAVE to see!

Plus he’s already had heaps of practice juggling multiple women at once… Too soon? 

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