It’s something that we have seen happen but thought was a mistake between Jim Marsh and Patricia Saunders..

But apparently, that is not the case.

Matt Le Neve’s characters, Jim, is to be shown cheating on his wife Dr. Joan Millar, played by Jessica Marais, as he locks lips again with Harriet Dyer’s character Patty.

That’s right; Monday nights kiss is just the START!

The couple is seen kissing in the promotion for next week’s episode and this time, it is passionate, and it appears things are escalating quickly.

As well as the kiss, we also a tear-faced Patty speaking to Jim in what appears to be a very tense moment.

She says ”I don’t ever want to hear you say that it didn’t mean anything,’ 


‘Because it meant something to me.’

Jim shows no reaction in reply and it looks like we will be focusing on this story line for the next couple of weeks.

This show is so tense! Can’t wait to see it.

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