It’s been almost a year of non-stop Bachie from Matt Agnew to Angie Kent to Bachie in Paradise to Locky Gilbert to Elly & Becky…. and we’re exhausted.

We’re so damn tired and it shows with Elly & Becky’s season taking a dive in ratings.

According to Megan Pustetto from the So Dramatic! podcast a few ‘Warner Brothers production insiders’ have stated that they’re going to take a year off ‘Bachie in Paradise.’

They’ve been struggling to scrape the barrel for talent and need time for fresh faces to appear on the show, apparently we’re getting ‘fatigue’ from seeing the same faces over and over again.

“Paradise is not happening this year due to COVID, they had a contract with the Fiji government and resort for Paradise, but that physically can’t happen anymore. Contractually, they aren’t able to film at another resort, and even if they could, it is too expensive to film in Australia anyway.”

This is contradictory to rumours that have been swirling that Alex McKay, Jackson Garlick and Matt Agnew’s WINNER Chelsie McLeod have already signed on!

Who KNOWS what’s really going on, but I’d like a break to be honest.


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